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Windows 10 build 9901 (x64) 2014 ENG-TeNeBrA

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Windows 10 build 9901 (x64) 2014 ENG-TeNeBrA

Post by didi7789 on Sun Dec 28, 2014 8:59 am

Windows 10 build 9901 (x64) 2014 ENG-TeNeBrA | 3.96 GB
Rounding out the week was very rich in various kinds of leakage products Microsoft: beginning with screenshots and video demonstrations Cortana work in one of the early assemblies to early assembly, 9834. However, the "holiday" for enthusiasts and feel test versions of the new operating system from Microsoft for not ends - Today the network was another assembly, the first representative of the development branch of the January pre-release version - 10.0.9901.

TeNeBrA presents:

Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9901

release: 2014

Stage of development: Beta

Year: 2014

Version: 9901

Developer: Microsoft

Developer website:

Bit depth: 64bit

Language: English

System requirements:

Processor: 1 GHz


Disk space: 25 GB free space

File: 9901.ISO

CRC-32: 6e7a0939

MD4: e1690db21ae80d2548760694ab3d6566

MD5: bc74d5afe869b4338d99b491a30f9f28

SHA-1: 0f62272d89f89cfe5dc75d4f72be1ec748141473


The main features of this assembly are finally fully functional assistant Cortana,

although its interface is still far from the final appearance,

as well as an updated applet "Settings", whose design is quite changed compared to what we saw in the assembly of 9888 and earlier .

Stoit also noted an updated view of the taskbar (although we suspect that this is not the final version),

and visual changes in the app store Windows - customer's design is now made in dark colors and looks more like a classic application,

rather than that -What in the style of "Metro".

It is also worth noting a fresh look taskbar (although we suspect that this is not the final version),

and visual changes in the app store Windows - Customer's design is now made in dark colors and looks more like a classic application,

rather than something in the style of "Metro".

It is noteworthy that the build 9901 except for changes in the design also includes a new desktop backgrounds -

updated oboina main theme of Windows, and also added the topic Windows Techical Preview,

comprising, in turn, 4 new images, one of which is intended for use on multi-monitor configurations .

Once again, we recall that you install the leaked build at your own risk - Microsoft did not provide them with any support.

More over, they may contain serious errors or faults that do not allow them to organize on the basis of their daily work.

In particular, assembly 9901 experiences some problems with the loader,

not allowing it to test some of the virtual machines, or as the second operating system,

and some unstable for standard programs and system elements (conductor taskbar).

==>see product key.txt

Size: 3.96 GB






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