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Critical Tools WBS Schedule Pro v5.1.0023

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Critical Tools WBS Schedule Pro v5.1.0023

Post by didi7789 on Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:56 am

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WBS Schedule Pro is Windows-based Project Management Software that combines a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Chart, a Network Chart, a Gantt Chart, a Task Sheet plus numerous additional features to produce a feature-rich yet easy-to-use tool to plan and manage projects.

WBS Schedule Pro can be used by itself as a standalone project planning and scheduling tool. The intuitive user interface and visual nature of the charts used to create projects minimizes the learning curve needed to use more complicated project management software. It's easy to use with plenty of advanced features to effectively plan and manage even the most complex project.

WBS Schedule Pro integrates with Microsoft Project and other Project Management systems to add features and capabilities not found in your existing tools. Leverage your current PM software by using WBS Schedule Pro as a Front-End planning system and as a way to produce powerful graphics of your existing projects. WBS Schedule Pro takes the complexity out of the Project Planning process while also providing presentation-quality WBS, Network and Gantt Charts that are second to none in the industry.

WBS Schedule Pro has WBS Charts
Plan & Manage projects using a Top-Down approach in the WBS Chart

WBS Schedule Pro has Network Charts
Plan, Manage & Schedule tasks in the Network Chart

WBS Schedule Pro has Gantt Charts
Plan, Manage & Schedule tasks in the Gantt Chart

WBS Schedule Pro has Task Sheets
Plan, Manage, Review & Update your projects in the Task Sheet

WBS Schedule Pro has a Seamless Interface to Microsoft Project
WBS Schedule Pro can be used with Microsoft Project and contains a seamless interface to all versions of Microsoft Project. Use WBS Schedule Pro as a front-end project builder. Create your projects first in WBS Schedule Pro and then transfer these to Microsoft Project. Manage your Microsoft Project plans with the dynamic integration. Creating and managing your Microsoft Project plans has never been easier.

Interface to Other Project Management Applications
As a Planning Tool - WBS Schedule Pro is the perfect front-end planning tool for any project management application whether it's a desktop or online system. Use WBS Schedule Pro to create new projects and export to these systems using the popular MS Project XML format.

High Capacity Planning and Presentation-Quality Graphics
Projects created in WBS Schedule Pro can be any size and contain any number of tasks. Print to any Windows compatible printer or plotter including large format paper sizes for extra large printouts. The quality of the charts produced by WBS Schedule Pro are outstanding and help you present your project plans in a more concise, easy to read manner.

From the makers of WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT
Many of you may know our previous tools, WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT. If so, WBS Schedule Pro combines these two excellent products into one application plus adds many new and exciting features to make it a much more complete planning tool.

Release Notes:- When Unlinking from a MS Project the Notes field remained in Read-Only mode. Now, when Unlinking a WBS Schedule Pro plan from MS Project the Notes field is switched to Read-Write.
- Several issues with Drop Down lists have been fixed including having nothing selected and pressing Enter, or having nothing selected and switching away from the program using Alt-Tab.
- Several issues with opening XML files produced in other programs have been fixed. This allows WBS Schedule Pro to open more XML files produced by other project management software applications than it could before.
- In a Network Chart, displaying the Timescale by Day or Hours on a multi-year project would hit the width limits of the chart and would not display. These limits have now been increased to accommodate any size chart.
- If you had Text boxes anywhere in a WBS Chart and did a click and drag motion on the Project Summary Task it would display "Encountered an improper argument". Now fixed.
Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
WBS Schedule Pro was developed for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 and is fully compatible with these versions of Windows.






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