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Stat-Ease Design Expert 11.0.4 (Win)

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Stat-Ease Design Expert 11.0.4 (Win)

Post by didi7789 on Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:02 pm

Stat-Ease Design Expert 11.0.4 | 129.9 mb
Stat-Ease, Inc. has released an updated Stat-Ease Design Expert V11. Make breakthrough improvements to a product or a process with Design-Expert software. You can not only screen for vital factors, but also locate ideal process settings for top performance and discover optimal product formulations.

Full Changelog - 11.0.4 released February 21, 2018:

- Optimization criteria can now be entered in Transformed or Original scale on a per-response basis.
- File association icons should now appear properly in Windows Explorer.
- Fixed a bug preventing the Design Wizard from working after it has run once in a session.
- The number localization preference dialog will no longer appear every time the program starts.
- Exponential notation can now be used in the Design Layout.

About Stat-Ease Design Expert 11 Stat-Ease, Inc. welcomes you to version 11 (v11) of Design-Expert software (DX11) for design of experiments (DOE). Our programmer team code-named this major new release "Borlaug" in honor of the University of Minnesota agronomist whose research on high-yielding crops led to the Green Revolution that staved off world starvation. Use DX11, on Microsoft Windows (and coming soon on Apple macOS as well!), to optimize your product or process. It provides many powerful statistical tools, such as:

- Two-level factorial screening designs: Identify the vital factors that affect your process or product so that you can make breakthrough improvements.
- General factorial studies: Discover the best combination of categorical factors, such as source versus type of raw material supply.
- Response surface methods (RSM): Find the optimal process settings to achieve peak performance.
- Mixture design techniques: Discover the ideal recipe for your product formulation.
- Combinations of process factors, mixture components, and categorical factors: Mix your cake (with different ingredients) and bake it too!
- Design and analysis of split plots: Make your experiment far easier by grouping hard-to-change process factors and/or mixture components

Your Design-Expert program offers rotatable 3D plots to easily view response surfaces from all angles. Use your mouse to set flags and explore the contours on interactive 2D graphs. Our numerical optimization function finds maximum desirability for dozens of responses simultaneously!

You'll find a wealth of statistical details within the program itself via various Help screens. Take advantage of this information gold-mine that is literally at your fingertips. Also, do not overlook the helpful annotations provided on all reports.

About Stat-Ease, Inc. We offer design of experiments (DOE) software, books, training, and consulting services. By applying these powerful statistical methods, you can improve the quality of your products, develop efficient processes, quickly solve manufacturing problems, and make breakthrough discoveries. Via multifactor testing techniques, DOE quickly leads you to that elusive sweet spot where all of your requirements are met at minimal cost.

Product: Stat-Ease Design Expert
Version: 11.0.4
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 or newer
Size: 129.9 mb






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