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Midland Valley Move 2018.1.0 build 23920

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Midland Valley Move 2018.1.0 build 23920

Post by didi7789 on Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:38 am

Midland Valley Move 2018.1.0 | 389.5 mb
Midland Valley announced the release of Move 2018.1. This version of Move includes substantial new features, as well as improvements to the existing functionality and usability.

What's new in the Move 2018.1 suite:

One of the major additions to Move 2018.1 is the brand new Elliptical Fault Flow 2D kinematic algorithm. Elliptical Fault Flow models the deformation associated with isolated normal faults that exhibit decreases in fault displacements in all directions, away from the point of maximum displacement.

Client feedback in the last year has led to the addition of a regional dip (tilt) to strata control in the Horizons from Fault tool, plus auto-population functionality in the 2D Move-on-Fault toolbox.

The 2018.1 release also features the new Surface with Boundaries tool, which allows the user to create kriged surfaces with a user-defined outer boundary extent along with various constraints. The Extend tool has seen several key developments and functionality improvements with new surface extension capabilities such as Extend Surface using Selected Boundary and Extend Surfaces to Lines.

The Fault Analysis module introduces Stochastic modelling of hanging wall and footwall cutoff positions using known data resolution (i.e. seismic, velocity) to provide P10, P50 and P90 juxtaposition and seal values.

Also new for Move 2018.1 is Monte Carlo Stress Inversion in the Fault Response Modelling module. Stress inversion using Monte Carlo simulations combined with an iterative stress inversion using instability criterions, allows the uncertainty in stress regimes derived from focal mechanisms to be quantified and allows users to analyse the heterogeneity of the underlying dataset.

In addition, Move 2018.1 sees several notable additions to Move Core in terms of imports, exports, and data handling. This includes a new live stage connection for GIS vector data that allows tracking of external changes within Move and the ability to export 2D and 3D seismic data in SEG-Y format.

The attribute Query tool is new this year, which provides advanced methods for interrogating and selecting object, vertex, face or cell attribute data in Move.

Among many other improvements, a common client request was to add the ability to visualize surfaces in Map View including various mesh and colour map styles as seen in the 3D View. Move 2018.1 now offers this functionality, which can be found on the View tab if surfaces are present in the Map View.

Stress Analysis has been enhanced by adding a number of display options for focal mechanisms, including beachball representation and tensile / compressive direction plots being available in the stereonet plot options.

About Midland Valley Move. Move is the core application of the Move suite. It provides a powerful stand-alone environment for data integration, cross-section construction and 3D model building, and forms the base for the specialist structural modules for 2D and 3D Kinematic Modelling, Geomechanical Modelling, Fracture Modelling, Fault Response Modelling, as well as Fault Analysis and Stress Analysis.

The Move application provides a platform which integrates geo-referenced 2D and 3D views, allowing over 100 different data formats to be combined. The integrated views can be used to construct geologically valid cross-sections and 3D models using manual and automated tools.

The 2D/3D space provides a best practice environment to develop models, which can then be directly tested and validated using the kinematic modules. Orientation plots, cross plots, stereonets, rose diagrams and object property tables can then be used to thoroughly investigate and analyse the model and construction process. Move is used by geoscientists and engineers with the intention of getting maximum value from their data, in any tectonic regime and across a variety of industry sectors.

About Midland Valley. Midland Valley is the world leader in the field of structural geology, providing expert consultancy and the Move suite of geological software. We work with a wide range of sectors around the world including: upstream oil and gas; mineral exploration and resource development; carbon capture and storage; radioactive waste management; geothermal; and geotechnical engineering industries. Our software suite Move is the technology set of choice for more than 250 commercial clients worldwide.

Product: Midland Valley Move
Version: 2018.1.0 build 23920
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and above
Size: 389.5 mb






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