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Laubwerk Plants Kit 4 version 1.0.25 ( Win Macx)

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Laubwerk Plants Kit 4 version 1.0.25 ( Win Macx)

Post by didi7789 on Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:39 am

Laubwerk Plants Kit 4 version 1.0.25 | 1.7 Gb
German digital botany software company Laubwerk has updated the Plants Kits to version 1.0.25. Laubwerk Plants Kits allow 3D artists and architects to insert photorealistic tree models into their 3D scenes quickly and easily, without the usual slow downs due to overly complicated parameters or excess memory usage.

Update 1.0.25 (November 24, 2017):

- Support for SketchUp Pro 2018,
- Support for V-Ray 3.6
- Support for MacOS X High Sierra (10.13)
- Bug fix with special characters in Windows 10 users names
3ds Max
- Fixed a bug that crashed 3ds Max when adding an empty Plant object to the scene on autosave
- Bug fixed a bug that a Plant replacement in the Browser did not refresh the viewport,
- Improved behavior when a new Plant is assigned and all selected Plant objects are empty
- Bug fix for Maya 2018 support
Cinema 4D
- Support for R19
- Support for Arnold 5

About Laubwerk Plants Kit 4. Laubwerk Plants Kit 4 includes the iconic Mediterranean cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), trees with magnificent floral display such as the Japanese camellia (Camellia japonica) and the world's most popular palm, the Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis) and other trees honored by the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Plants Kit 4 features some of the most popular and spectacular examples of trees growing along roads, in parks, gardens, and orchards in the subtropics, or in heated greenhouses. It includes silver wattle (Acacia dealbata), Persian silk tree (Albizia julibrissin), Japanese camellia (Camellia japonica), orange (Citrus x sinensis), Mediterranean cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), cockspur coral tree (Erythrina crista-galli), New Zealand pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa), Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis), stone pine (Pinus pinea), and Pomegranate (Punica granatum).

Like the temperate deciduous and tropical broadleaf tree models found in Laubwerk Plants Kits 1, 2, and 3, each subtropical species is carefully crafted by botanical specialists and 3D modeling experts using a hybrid of handcrafted and procedural modeling methods. The Laubwerk system allows 3D artists and architects to insert photorealistic tree models into their 3D scenes quickly and easily, without the usual slow downs due to overly complicated parameters or excess memory usage.

Laubwerk accomplishes this goal by giving users just the right amount of variation in their 3D tree models, without overwhelming the user or their computer. Each tree model comes in 3 shapes, with 4 ages, and 4 seasons per shape. Adjustable level of detail settings means that each tree looks great without slow navigation or long rendering times.

About Laubwerk. Founded in 2010, Laubwerk is a Berlin-born, Potsdam-based CG software company that offers fast and fluent solutions for architects, CG artists, and VFX experts requiring 3D plant models while working with popular 3D software platforms. Laubwerk sets new technical and quality standards with authentic-looking plants that require minimal time and effort while offering maximum detail and control. Laubwerk has customers in more than 100 countries, from small businesses, universities to VFX and architecture corporations such as Foster+Partners, David Chipperfield Architects, The Boundary, Ronen Bekerman, Double Negative, National University of Singapore, and ETH Zurich.

Product: Laubwerk Plants Kit 4
Version: version 1.0.25
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC / MacOsx
Supported Operating Systems: The same OS for the version of software that you are using.
Software Prerequisites: 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, or Houdini
Size: 1.7 Gb






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