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Autodesk FeatureCAM 2019 (x64) Ultimate

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Autodesk FeatureCAM 2019 (x64) Ultimate

Post by didi7789 on Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:18 pm

Autodesk FeatureCAM 2019 | 988.5 mb
Autodesk announced the new release FeatureCAM 2019. This solution automates your workflow from design to NC Code, reducing programming time and producing consistent results for CNC Milling, turning, and wire applications.

FeatureCAM 2019 contains the following new features and enhancements:

Feature recognition
- Directed AFR: Use Directed Automatic Feature Recognition to specify which features you want FeatureCAM to automatically recognise. Directed AFR lets you recognise more features simultaneously in addition to providing an improved selection mechanism for specifying which recognized features to keep.
Back Cutting
- Back Cutting strategy: There is a new Turning strategy available called Back Cutting. This strategy is for use with specialized tools that allow the toolpath to work from the spindle to the face of the part. It also runs at higher speed and feed values, so it can reduce machining time.
Radial patterns
- Index stock: Index the stock for each instance of a radial pattern using the new Rotate C for each instance check box on the Pattern Properties dialog. This applies to milling features in either mill or turn/mill parts, and can minimize the amount of tool travel in many cases.
Swiss Turning
- Fixed inclined tools: FeatureCAM now supports fixed inclined holders where the rotation component of the holder is rotated manually by the machine operator. In the Tool Information dialog, you can select Set Manually or Programmable from the new Angular Position list. MD files from previous versions of FeatureCAM will be set to Programmable by default to ensure that existing behaviour is maintained.
- Part Handling: There is a new Eject feature type when creating a Part Handling feature. This lets you easily insert an eject feature anywhere in the program, independent of other operations.
- Thread from path: When creating turn threading features, there is a new Thread from path option which lets you create more complex threaded shapes. Select this option, then select a curve to define the path of the thread.
- Chamfer on exit: When creating turn threading features, you can now specify the chamfer length and chamfer angle. Select Do chamfer on exit at the machine level or feature level to allow FeatureCAM to use a chamfer move when exiting a threading feature.
- Standard Thread list: When creating turn, mill, and hole threading features, the Standard Thread list is now split into two. When you select a thread standard from the Standard list, the Size list is populated by all sizes available for that standard. Previously all thread standards and sizes were merged into one list.
- Thread types: Whitworth, BA Standard, and ACME have all been added to the Standard list.
Other manufacturing improvements
- Creating patterns: Quickly create different types of patterns using the new Pattern menu on the Features & Manufacturing tab > Pattern & Group panel.
- Turning view modes: The names of the turning view modes have been changed in the Options > View > Machine page to better reflect how you could use them.
- Center drill: You can now change the angle of the cutting portion of a center drill using the new Included angle field.
- Drill/Mill options: When creating Drill/Mill strategies, you can now use a Helical Side Finish to finish a hole, which can be selected at both the machine level and the feature level. The Helical Side finish option lets you use a continuous spiral for the Finish pass, and control the tightness of the spiral by entering a Pitch.
- Curvature analysis: The interactive curvature-analysis tool now reports the draft angle as well as surface normals and curvatures, which simplifies the evaluation of drafted surfaces.
Usability improvements
- Setups: Creating and editing Setups is streamlined to be consistent with other areas of FeatureCAM:
. The Setup Wizard is replaced by the tabbed Setup Properties dialog.
. Create a new Setup using Home tab > Part Program panel > Setups.
. You can now edit Setups by double-clicking on a Setup in the Part View or Graphics window.
. Edges are included in the set of recognised selections when defining the orientation of a Setup.
. When aligning the Setup in the Graphics window, you no longer need to specify what you are going to pick, ahead of picking points.
- Snapping grid: The appearance of the snapping grid has been modernized and there are new options that let you customize it further:
. The Snapping Grid page has been restructured and is now located under Options > Display.
. The snapping grid is now displayed as lines by default.
. The snapping grid redraws dynamically as you zoom. You can change to fixed spacing in the Spacing section of the Snapping Grid page.
. You can now change the colour of the snapping grid on the Options > Display > Default Colors page.
- Operations List: There are a couple of updates to the Operations List:
. If automatic updating is turned off, you can click the new Update Now button on the Op List tab of the Results window to update the Operation List when you've made changes to your part. This replaces the Update Now button that was previously located on the Options > Manufacturing > Toolpaths page.
. You can now choose which speed units are shown for all operations in the Operation List. Select the new Use default speed unit in Operations List option on the Machining Attributes > Mill > Misc page.
- Tool Posts: The colors, icons, and layout of the Tool Posts view have been updated to improve ease of use.
- Icons: Selection icons throughout the interface have been updated to make them more easily distinguishable and recognizable.
- Reporting errors: You can now opt-in to send more files with your error reports. Sending these extra files means we are more likely to reproduce your error and correct the problem.
Shared Views improvement
- Shared views: Manufacturing features and stocks that are visible in the application window are now displayed in the shared view.
Fusion Production
- Send to Fusion Production: FeatureCAM now integrates with Autodesk®️ Fusion Production. After you have loaded the Fusion Production add-in, you can easily group and send Setup sheets to Fusion Production. Fusion Production combines production management features including scheduling, job tracking, and machine monitoring, to help you understand the current shop-floor status, identify underperforming processes, and make decisions to improve overall equipment effectiveness.
Note: Subscribe to Fusion Production to send Setup sheets.
Import and PMI
- 32-bit file compatibility: This release supports the loading of legacy 32-bit FeatureCAM part files (.fm, .mf, .tsf, .md). In a future update of FeatureCAM 2019, the ability to load part files saved from a 32-bit version of FeatureCAM will be removed. This does not affect part files saved from FeatureCAM 2016, 2017, or 2018 versions, but may affect files from earlier versions.
- Importing CAD models: You can now import NX, CATIA, and ProE CAD models into the active document with FeatureCAM Standard.
- PMI support: PMI support for CATIA files is available as the transition to Autodesk's translation framework continues.
- Post-processor files: You can now use PartMaker Swiss or Turn/Mill post-processor files (.pst/.sub) to post code from FeatureCAM.
Note: The following functionality is not supported when a .pst file is loaded:
. three-channel machines
. 4-axis simultaneous toolpaths
. 5-axis simultaneous toolpaths
. 3+2 toolpaths
. machine simulation

About Autodesk FeatureCAM. FeatureCAM is an advanced software package for unparalleled automation in CAM. As the name implies, it is a feature based, or knowledge based, manufacturing system. It knows about common features of parts and uses that knowledge to automate the manufacturing process. The knowledge-based technology in FeatureCAM gives you a powerful CAM system that combines automation with control. FeatureCAM generates toolpaths based on the features of the part and then automatically selects appropriate tools, determines roughing and finishing passes, and calculates feeds and speeds based on the software's built-in machining knowledge. You can easily edit the settings to suit the needs of your company or project, or according to your individual preferences. Ease of use is a guiding principal in the development of FeatureCAM. Graphical feedback, step-by-step wizards and tutorial-style animations run directly in the program dialog boxes. Ease of use has always been a FeatureCAM advantage and with feedback from our customers we continue to study ways to make the software even easier to learn and use. FeatureCAM offers a comprehensive solution for milling, turning, turn/mill and wire EDM. All of your machine tools can be programmed within a single user interface designed to shorten programming times and reduce the learning curve for new users. Integrated 3D machine simulation, together with a library of over 350 fully customisable post-processors, lets you visualise exactly how your parts will be machined. Vortex1Based on more than 20 years of development, FeatureCAM generates quality toolpaths - allowing you to produce parts of the highest standard for your customers. Delcam's policy of code sharing between its CAM software solutions has resulted in FeatureCAM benefiting from many of PowerMILL's proven strategies for high-speed machining and 5-axis machining. Multi-threading, the process of splitting toolpath calculation across multiple CPUs, lets you program your parts faster than ever before.

About Autodesk PartMaker. Alongside FeatureCAM, there's also PartMaker. This was acquired by Delcam some years ago and addresses the often unique needs of those programming for Swiss Lathe type machines. While the adoption of multi-tasking lathes has been growing of late, the Swiss Lathe takes the combining of both mill and turn parts concurrently to the extreme. Here, cycle time is fundamental, particularly on high-precision components such as speciality fasteners and small mechanical components (its name is derived from early use in the watch making industry). PartMaker is still an active product and receiving active development. In fact, this release sees additions such as support for laser machining, keyway broaching (and, if you've not seen a Swiss Lathe working with a laser, ten minutes spent on Youtube is a good investment of your time). That said, due to increasing overlap in capabilities, PartMaker has been bundled with the high-end FeatureCAM offering (FeatureCAM Ultimate). It might also be worth assuming that eventually all of the unique tools in PartMaker will transition into FeatureCAM.

About Autodesk. Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Product: Autodesk FeatureCAM
Version: 2019 Ultimate
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 988.5 mb






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