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KISSsoft 03 2017F (SP6) With Update

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KISSsoft 03 2017F (SP6) With Update

Post by didi7789 on Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:04 pm

KISSsoft 03/2017F (SP6) Update | 146.9 mb
KISSsoft AG, a developer design software for engineers and designers in a wide variety of fields, has released an update (SP6) to KISSsoft 03/2017, a modular calculation system for the design, optimization and analysis of machine elements.

KISSsoft Changelog Version 03/2017 - Service Pack 6:

KISSsoft - 3D geometry (STEP interface)
- Tooth end chamfer is not correct in 3D model
The tooth end chamfer is not modeled correctly in cylindrical gear 3D model when the chamfer angle is not equal to 45 degrees. This is fixed.
- Crash when generating 3D model of cylindrical gear with tooth end chamfer
In some cases, especially for high number of teeth, crash problem occurs when generating 3D model of cylindrical gear with tooth end chamfer. It is caused by memory overflow in the Parasolid kernel. Now the problem is fixed.
- 3D geometry of the pinion in face gear calculation is wrong in some cases
The tip diameter of the 3D geometry of the pinion in face gear calculation was using upper tolerance, not tolerance from the selected tolerance field.
KISSsoft - Bearing calculation
- TIMKEN thrust spherical roller bearings had wrong C, C0 values
The thrust spherical roller bearings from TIMKEN had inverted C and C0 values. This is fixed now.
- Fixed implementation of Table 7 in ISO 281:2007(E)
The method which handles the factor f_c for roller bearings (Table 7 in ISO 281:2007(E)) contained an error that would not allow to approximate the inner geometry of certain roller bearings.
KISSsoft - CAD interface
- Creo: Small inner gears with US customary units
Small inner gears with US customary units (inches) can't be generated in Creo. We added an extra dll for small inner gears with US customary units to the ProEngineer-folder.
If you have small inner gears with US customary units please do this:
. rename the file 'i_kiss_ext_i.dll' to 'i_kiss_ext_i_origin.dll'
. rename the file 'i_kiss_ext_i_smallGears.dll' to 'i_kiss_ext_i.dll'
Additional there are files for small outer and inner gears for metric units.
- Siemens NX: Interface to NX 12.0.1
Siemens changed in patch 12.0.1 header files and libraries in NX, so we had to compile the interface with newer source files. The KISSsoft interface is from now on available for NX 12.0.1 and higher versions.
- Autodesk Inventor: Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2019.
Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2019 implemented.
and more...............

Note: For the full list of new and improved features, please refer to the release notes located in the folder of your KISSsoft or here

About KISSsoft Software. The KISSsoft calculation programs offer a comprehensive suite of powerful calculations to size, optimize and rate machine elements such as gears, shafts, bearings, bolts, splines, keys, interference fit, springs and others. All calculations are based on international standards to provide the user the necessary reliability.

An intuitive user interface and context sensitive online help are the key to fast and efficient use of the program. Extensive reports offer in-depth understanding of the results. Due to the five supported languages, KISSsoft can be used in an international environment.

With the KISSsys program, complete gearboxes can be analysed on a system level.

About KISSsoft AG. KISSsoft AG develops design software for engineers and designers in a wide variety of fields: whether they manufacture cable car systems, gears for construction equipment, Formula 1 race car transmissions or the tiny gears used in Mars rovers, more and more companies all over the world have come to rely on KISSsoft design software. When used in keeping with currently valid standards (DIN, ISO, AGMA), our software serves as a quick, high-quality tool for sizing machine elements, reviewing calculations, determining component strength, and documenting safety factors and product life parameters.

Product: KISSsoft
Version: 03/2017F (SP6) Update
Supported Architectures: x86
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Software Prerequisites: KISSsoft 03/2017A Base






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