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Siemens PLM NX 10.0.2 MP08 Update (Win Linux)

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Siemens PLM NX 10.0.2 MP08 Update (Win Linux)

Post by didi7789 on Sun May 13, 2018 5:13 pm

Siemens PLM NX 10.0.2 MP08 Update | 1.7 Gb
Siemens PLM Software has released an update to NX 11.0.2, its an integrated product design, engineering and manufacturing solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX 11.0.2 is a major release with significant new functionality in all areas of the product, and we believe that the new and enhanced functions will help you become more productive.

7817829 Divide by Holder gives incorrect Result
7962577 Welds are requiring Entire Part Ref Set
8353924 NX finds NXHOLE instead of STEP1POCKET_THREAD
8358028 Replicated and redundant exploded views with same name in several drawings
8363340 Set Routing Discipline and Specification by NX Open doesn't reload reuse library
8367961 NX error in General Wave Relinker
8816633 Attributes on Item IMF and IRMF set in UGMASTER are locked in UGPART
8829299 Wrong material removal in turning Fanuc-ISV
8854443 Higher priority PR 8829299; Wrong Material Removal in ISV
8864632 Section Drawing not giving correct result, Additional Structure is missing
8864648 Part missing from Ship Section drawing view
8891945 Different dialog is displayed between English and Japanese NX
8901379 NX shape search returns wrong result
8956351 SYS: licenses from secondary license server won't be used
8962212 Graphic performance decreases dramatically when using lightweight representation
8962825 Visualization performance is down with replacement assistant
8977908 mqc_askobjects1 causes an Internal error: memory access violation in NX11
8988067 Pos_2_GRV_ID - works before but produce a different path now in NX11
8988808 CAM Turning non-cutting motion changes when regenerated in NX11
8989025 FINISH_BORE_1 produces diff path in NX11.0.2.7
8992414 Only one region is divided with Divide by Holder
8993074 FINISH_CAVITY_0 .. toolpaht changes .. in NX11
8993089 FIN_CAVITY_1ST_STEP_0.. .. output changes
8993617 Missing license for Welding Assistance
8994054 FINISH_CHAMFER_ID_2_ path change when regen. in NX11.0.2.7
8994055 FINISH_FACE_2_ produces diff path in NX11.0.2.7
8996627 Promote Body Rotation is extremely slow in lightweight mode
8996653 Part file could not be load - Load options
9001505 Getting wrong results in Divide by Holder
9002148 Leader stub separates from FCF
9005004 Leader stub vertical attach position moves and does not comply with the standard
9006852 Studio Surface not creating surface correctly
9017455 Parts are still checked out in TC after a save as without replace in NX
9017485 mqc_GetObjects(SOLID_BODY) fails in parts with combine operations
9018825 Importing IGES file into NX will corrupt the data
9022892 nxship_xml_out_config.xml does not read DE attributes
9023457 NX ItemRevision has wrong master in specification after save as New Item
9025085 Existing drawing view shows out-of-date because of one particular part
9028818 In NX modeling: Disable summary information in the Assembly Navigator
9033582 Collision pair not working in CMM simulation
9035442 Assembly load error - An operation was attempted on an invalid or unsuitable OM
9039622 The view does not update
9039935 NXMGR: import assembly into Teamcenter issue when using import by attributes
9042665 jt from NX11 causes PMI Format Tool model views to appear wrong
9047641 Opening a CATIA part from file - open - as new part. NX Aborts
9049457 Feature Color gets lost when changing feature
9050222 Getting Low performance when editing the CL list and/or NC data
9052730 Tools are not held in the simulation after renaming the tools
9053066 Verify step cannot be stopped
9059776 Dialog boxes take extremely long time to open
9062438 Use of Arrangement Suppression Degrades Model Loading Performance
9063114 Place part command fails in routing mechanical application in NX 11.0.2 MP4
9064817 NX9 Electrical Routing Sweep Feature converted to NX11 hangs the NX session
9069209 Weld Advisor generates an illegal xml file if Components names contain & or
9070198 Lightweight PMI section views created in NX9 are not showing in NX11
9070487 Problem Internal mesh size of 3D mesh is created abnormally large
9072222 NX-SaveAs not working in NX11
9072245 PostProcessing Issue with NX11.0.2.7
9073136 ELEC - Unable to Update Stock Cannot find failed body
9073959 Drilling operation using 3D IPW doesn't produce a tool path in NX 11.0.2
9074269 Opening wire harness in NX11 gives Internal Error, was able to open in NX9
9074322 Electrical Route List Error and No Creation of Stock Bodies
9075534 FIN_CAVITY_1ST_STEP_0 issue
9075535 FINISH_CAVITY_0 issue
9075812 Open part file in NX MP4 Rev D cause an Internal error
9075816 Export drafting to 2D dwg, result is wrong and out of 2D(X_Y) plane
9075992 Geolus Shape Search fails since NX1102 MP5 No Java Author License is available
9076262 NXMGR: Export Assembly Outside TC (Tc11.2.3/NX11) is very slow for 4-Tier
9076956 Feature additive_design is not able to work with Bundle selection inside NX
9078334 PMI Feature Control Frame leader line now auto adjusts past text in NX11
9078574 Find Objects Without Materials is not working as expected in NX11.0.1
9079591 Hyperlinks doesn't open into external browser
9079592 URL links in the NX Browser that required SSO do not resolve
9081010 [NX]0180_Flat Solid does not work normally
9081201 UG Master stays checked out after make unique in NX
9081495 NX11 does not create JT of wire harness
9081538 Section curves of PMI Section Views move to hide
9083048 NX: Section View updates, even though automatic update is turned off
9083078 finish bore operation path is different when generated in NX11
9083212 TURNING - finish bore ID is different when generated in NX11.0.2.7 MP6
9083476 Getting an internal error after deleting Linked Face feature on PNT
9084301 Adding an extra line of code in the operation NX11.0.2.7 mp6
9087351 Can't perform Geolus shape search in NX MP 6 but was able to in MP2
9087714 Causes of difference in selection time due to environmental difference
9088036 NXCMM posting Mirrored program.
9088917 Rule already exists- Could not open part file
9089079 Electrical Harness Snap_Point_Behavior issue
9089732 Unable to delete view - Attempt to write to freed object
9089759 MCS not associative anymore
9091134 [CAD] Cannot set Numbering Rule of Clone Assembly.
9091395 System Crash after Generate Operation with NX11.0.2MP6
9091785 Pipe specs in run creation dialog not in order when stored on Linux server
9092334 Project Curve with intersecting multiple curves split output curves
9092344 Surface Continuity function G1 deviation needles are different lengths
9094406 WELD Solid welds failed no Alerts message
9094481 NX Translation Error: 1250-69
9095079 Incorrect warning in NX. Recall of PCS appears to be in a different space
9096511 WELD Open a Resistant spot weld file Welds do not fail and no ALERTS Message
9096618 NX translator failing with error 1250-11
9096966 Settings are Rejected because one or more views failed to update
9097074 Steel Insulation of (Reinforced) Stiffeners, Angled Plates
9097609 Unable to make routing assembly part with active run the work part
9098587 Web Plate not displayed in drawing
9101909 Internal Error is raised when cloning an assembly
9102333 Product Interface causes MassProp values to double
9102460 Create Features Process uses rule for non-workpiece material.
9102767 Hide View Scale Label in Drafting Application
9102930 NX slows down using Lightweight representations
9103224 Customer receives license error
9103232 Screensaver causing NX to crash
9104160 ERROR on Rotary Table Operations when Simulate
9104497 Some NX11 translations never finish. NX9 versions take minutes to complete
9107947 Can't replace the component after Import Assembly into Teamcenter
9108297 Electrode Drawing deletes referenced attribute text in Tabular Note since NX11
9108403 Entity Attributes Lost After Idealization and Meshing
9108657 WELD Converting legacy welds causes connected parts to Scramble
9108842 WELD Updating User Defined Connected parts won't show parts picked by order
9108987 mqc_checkObjectLayer causes a memory access violation
9110472 Starting UI Styler dialog from menu doesn't work in NX 11.0.2
9111297 Standard Part management reference recognition of family member
9119746 Probe tracking definitions not saved when Probe Tool is saved
9121948 Tilted tool axis path in NX11 is incomplete
9123341 mom_probe_contact_pos variables are mapped incorrectly.
9123485 Mismatched expression units break UDF functionality

About Siemens PLM NX 11.0.2. NX 11.0.2 is a major release with significant new functionality in all areas of the product, and we believe that the new and enhanced functions will help you become more productive. Siemens PLM Software has a clear and consistent strategy: to provide Digital Product Development and Manufacturing solutions that help you transform your whole product development process. This release delivers enhancements that enable you to increase your levels of productivity in product development and manufacturing while working within a collaborative managed environment. With the NX 11.0.2 release, we continue to look for innovative ways to deliver solutions that meet your product development and manufacturing challenges. We are confident that our accomplishment of these objectives will enable you to extract the highest value from our solutions.

About Siemens PLM Software. Siemens PLM Software is a world-leading provider of product lifecycle management and manufacturing operations management software. We help thousands of companies realize innovation by optimizing their processes, from planning and development through manufacturing, production and support.

Product: Siemens PLM
Version: NX 11.0.2 MP08 Update
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 and above / Linux*
Software Prerequisites: Siemens PLM NX 11.0.2
Size: 1.7 Gb

* Linux 64bit: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server/Desktop 12, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server/Desktop 7
Kernel: kernel3.10.0-123eI7.x86_64
X Windows: libX11-devel-1.6.0-2.1
Motif: motif-devel-2.3.4-7
Open GL: mesa-libGL-devel-9.2.5-5.20131218, mesa-libGLU-devel-9.0.0-4
C++ Compiler gcc 4.8.2
Java Development version 1.8.0






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